Picture of Bike Tube Side Bag/Purse
This instructable shows how to make a side bag/purse out of old bike tubes and billboards/vinyl.

*I very much suggest to read my how to sew bike tubes/vinyl instructable before you make this!

What you'll need to make a Side Bag/Purse:
-Old bike tubes (26" or 29" are the widest. just ask for these at most any bike shop).
-Vinyl (I use old billboards. I called up Next Media and they gave me a few free ones).
-Lube  (I used cooking oil because it's cheap, biodegradable, wipes off easy, and leaves a shiny coat).
-Most any sewing machine with a leather/denim needle and adjustable tension.
-Polyester thread
-Hot glue gun for tacking tube in place before sewing (optional, but makes it way easier/quicker. you can use clamps/safety pins too.)
-A clasp: i use a bike cog in this instructable. You could also use valcro, buckles, buttons, snaps, nothing - whatever. 
-A strap: I use an old one ripped off another bag. Or you can make one out of seat belt, more tubes, etc.

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Step 1: The Body

Picture of The Body
1) Cut 4 tube lengths of about 2'x4" (I usually cut a couple standard 26" tubes into 3rds to equal about this dimension. If you're a little off, oh well. see my "sewing bike tubes basics" instructable for how to do this.)
2) Sew together into a sheet (pictured). Don't worry about the tube lengths being a bit uneven.
3) Use a ruler (an 90 degree L shaped works quick) to draw straight lines at either end of the tubes - cut.

1) Lay tube sheet down on vinyl.
2) Trace tube sheet to back of vinyl using chalk or paint marker. Allow either end to be a half inch shorter than the tube sheet.
Very cool! I have a backpack made in this style but they sell them for hundreds of dollars..!

How has your sewing machine fared with this type of sewing? Any broken needles?
sharpie.stories (author)  SelkeyMoonbeam3 years ago
The machine did fine. There was a few broken denim needles and some weird thread tension when the layers got much - like sewing on the strap side loops. but besides that no problems. my best advice - lots of lube!