In this instructable I will illustrate how to make an eye catching bike mount for the self motivated urban apartment dweller. The idea for this project sprouted when I myself was in the market for an artistic, good quality mount. I came across the Fixa mount, currently available on Etsy. I really liked the design, but couldn't justify coughing over the $230 listing price, so I decided to make my own. Now having finished this project I'm very happy with the end result, and was able to incorporate my own design improvements along the way.

Approximate overall material cost for this project:
                     $45 (if you were to buy new high quality hardwood)
                     $10 (if you were to use reclaimed wood you had laying around)

• Approximately 3 square feet of 3/4 inch thick wood stock
• Two 3/8th x 3in bolts with associated washers
• Wood Glue
• High gloss clear coat (optional)
• Wax paper (optional)
• Two small hinges and associated hardware (optional)
• Wood stain (optional)

• Table saw (hand saw with a steady hand will also work)
• Router (optional)
• Hand Drill
• Palm Sander (sand paper)
• Adjustable Clamps
• Wrench and 9/16th socket
• Screwdriver

Step 1: Cut Material to Size

The first step is to plan out the overall geometry you would like your mount to be. This will be based on your esthetic preference as well as functional factors. Some things to consider are, protrusion length from the wall in order to give adequate clearance for your handlebars (widest point on most bikes). Another factor is the geometry of your cutout in order to properly accommodate your top tube. If you simply want to copy my layout, you're more than welcome. My initial sketch can be seen above (left clicking any image will enlarge the image to full size).

With your design in hand you can begin cutting the pieces which will make the body of your mount. I used an old closet shelf.

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