It's fall, and mornings have gotten pretty crisp. I use my bike to commute to work, and, while the cooler weather makes this more comfortable overall, the wind chill is really starting to hurt my hands. Gloves are only a partial solution, as both knitted ones and fleece ones don't offer protection against the wind. Also, as the weather gets colder, this is only going to get worse.

I know there are wind guards for motorcycles, specifically to protect the hands of riders. There is also a product called "hippo hands", which is a sort of insulated bag that goes over motorcycle handles and encloses the rider's hand completely, that really helps in cold weather. Unfortunately I was unable to find anything along these lines for bicycles. So I thought I'd make something myself: it might look goofy, but it does the job.

My office mates (some of whom also ride bikes to work, and suffer similarly from the chill) have been admiring my handiwork, so I thought I'd share the design. The tools and materials for this are basic, and you may already have them laying around the house (I did), but if not, they are cheap and easy to find.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need:

Two large plastic jugs. These can be from juice, iced tea (which is what I had -- my roommate likes the stuff, so I always have some sitting in the recycling bin), possibly even milk (though I thought clear ones would offer less distraction for my peripheral vision)
Two long zip ties (they have to go around your handle bars, all the cables, and have some slack for holding the jugs)
Two small screws for mounting
Duct tape, to cover the cut edges of the jug so they don't cut your hands

Exacto-knife or box cutter (optional, but very helpful for starting cuts in the plastic)
Hand-held hole punch
Permanent marker
wish woulds thought of this years ago
<p>Genius! Gonna drink all my ice tea and try it!</p>
You may be able to soften the cut edges with a torch or heat gun but you would have to be careful to not melt the plastic.
Great idea, I gotta try this! :)
And they act like mini-sails when you have a tail wind!!!
Rather than to cut the 'petals', why not just leave the original pouring spout opening in place (maybe split it slightly for the cables) and then capture it with a screw drive hose clamp? Alternately, you could mark and pierce holes for the cables to pass through then reassemble the cables once the jug is installed. Less air through the mounting this way.
think I will do this on my motorbike. The alternative is &pound;80 and is bolted on with a alan key meaning someone can bolt them off in about 2 minutes. I use really awesome gloves not cheap but very dry. but nothing stops wind at 50mph+
I don't know how they'd go on a road bike, but I know a lot of farmers use a lambswool pocket style cover on their quad bikes. Might be a bit more resistant to the higher wind speeds. Just make sure it's not going to foul your clutch/brake. Getting your hands in and out easily can also be an issue.
I would &quot;disarm&quot; the cut edges first by running a torch flame around them - fast enough to not ignite the plastic, but slow enough to melt the edge material. Clean up and then tape. I also like to use a hot nail to poke holes. That way there are no cracks to propagate. <br> <br>
Every time someone has an idea so simple and perfect like this I feel really stupid.
Good idea. Pop a little drain-hole in each side for when it rains.
Awesome! <br>Not to mention the safety factor that its SEE THROUGH! <br>1/2 tempted to do this on my HD Electra Glide! ;)
something so very very simple and such a very good job! thumbs up!
This is great, so simple, so useful. Thanks!
great idea and so simple!
Very creative :) <br> <br>If you prefer gloves, you could try these: Mechanix Wear Wind-Resistant Cold Weather Glove (Amazon ~$20) <br>I have never had a problem with these in the cold weather.
Great idea
Way to go! Very clever.
awsome idear wer did you think of it
Very creative design!
Cool idea! I might try on a golf cart.
Simple but effective idea. Wish I had thought of it when I used to use my bike regular in winter.
This is brilliant!
Pretty slick. Its getting cold here too so these might come in handy :)
Nice idea!

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