Picture of Bike chain bracelet
 This is a very easy thing to make. It is a old bike chain turned into a awesome bracelet. My friend actually threw it at me and I picked it up and turned it into a bracelet.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
 You will need:
-A bike chain
-Some teflon tape
-A screw
-Possibly a hacksaw

nick45922 years ago
How did you get rid of all the grease
Sabinbp3 years ago
Is there other mechanisms to make it easy to get off?
jptrsn Sabinbp3 years ago
You can get a "quick link" from a bike store. They are designed to snap together without tools if you break your chain when out on a ride. It might be easier to get on and off using one of those.
Sabinbp jptrsn3 years ago
I have one of those well At first it is kinda hard to get them off but when you get used to it ya it works quite well but Im a lazy person so I sized my chain as my fist so easy in easy out
there is another way of doing it on another instructible which is to glue a magnet over one of the ends of the chain then cutting a pin(rivet,possibly a nail...any ferrous rod with a head that is big enough to let you get it out with your nail)
robbied Sabinbp3 years ago
there are other mechanisms, such as cutting a slot in one of the outer plates, between the edge and the pin, so you can 'unclip' the link and slide the middle part off the pin. Not my idea, the company that makes recycled bike chain jewellery came up with it (or used it).
i made this and after some thinking i used a rubber band and looped it through the holes so i can just slip it off
JoJoJo003 years ago
Haha good friend :/
yacpro133 years ago
Chains with hollow pins are more expensive but give a sick look too...they look more "finished". http://www.canadabicycleparts.com/components-chains-c-32_237.htmlI guess they're a bit lighter too :p
sadiecoons5 years ago
That is soooo COOL!! I love going to junck yards, and getting, well, junck, and turning it into fasion.

This is old, sorry. Just needed to say it ;-)

And I like junk yards too.
lol, more than 1 year
Spydamonky4 years ago
I made one of these a year or so back, except I made a solid loop, so just re-crimped the two ends together. Pretty awesome until I grew out of it and had to remove the pin and break the chain in the process :D
redrider4694 years ago
Just made one of these! They're awesome...just required a bit more work on my part than first anticipated.
cokecola4 years ago
The screw is what holds it together? How well does it work?
Jodex5 years ago
I just made one. Hoho, this is cool.
Finn McKee5 years ago
 do you think i could sell them at my local bike store? also there are bike tire belts on instructables i made some really cool!
KahlZun5 years ago

Would this work with a motorcycle chain

J@50n KahlZun5 years ago
any chain
That's really hard though. I've tried. Heavy too.

great idea... however I might like your other bracelets better... did you make those?? (please say yes followed by instructions!) :)
MrLouque (author)  headlessbubble5 years ago
 I can't remember how to make those ones. you might be able to find a Instructable on it under hemp bracelets. I know it is a lot of 4's (thats the design you make with the string)
So, square knots and half half-square knots i'm assuming. ;p
Congratulations on being featured on ABC News!
sssssbooom5 years ago
I just used the pin that was already on the chain and used a file to make it easier to get on and off it is still hard to get off but it looks cool
history3235 years ago
cool instructable
 I have that same watch!!!
I Love It

I Love this! I made mine several years ago out of one of my many broken bike chains.

+++ An alternative way to make this is with a 'quick link' which is a chain link with a sliding lock, they can be found at any bike shop and look like [This]. It is helpful to wear down the quick link with a screwdriver so it holds more loosely. This makes a very effective and completely discreet clasp.
cuchulain925 years ago
I use chain from small 2-stroke engines. It's about half the size.
oliver19865 years ago
nice to see i'm not the only bike obsessed nut wearing one!
i used an old Sram chain from my bike which had a "quick- link" on
if your doing this from a cut off, get one from your LBS from 50p
get sram as they're the cheapest around and mechanics have boxes of the things
sorry, bike geek

nice clear insturctable btw :)
Jodex5 years ago
Very cool! I'm gonna make one of these!    I think that that's what I say to every cool instructable : D But this is really cool!
Vulcanator5 years ago
you can take a link off and push the pin back in with a hammer and a drift pin punch.
f3rg5 years ago
Depending on what brand/model chain you're using, you could always just get a removable quick link, such as a KMC Missing Link:  http://www.jensonusa.com/store/product/CH409Z19-Kmc+Missinglink.aspx?sc=FRGL  Makes for extremely easy removal, and you can do without the screw and Teflon tape.

And as long as you're going with a KMC, get a gold X9-SL w/ hollow pins, and all the ladies will be on ya. ;)
MrLouque (author)  f3rg5 years ago
 My friend just threw it at me in that size, but yea it sounds like a good idea

aw cheezits i had oneof these but lost it
so ima make this :D