Picture of Bike chain bracelet
 This is a very easy thing to make. It is a old bike chain turned into a awesome bracelet. My friend actually threw it at me and I picked it up and turned it into a bracelet.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
 You will need:
-A bike chain
-Some teflon tape
-A screw
-Possibly a hacksaw

Step 2: Fitting the screw

Picture of Fitting the screw
 You need the screw to fit through the ends of the bike chain. If need be, hacksaw off the end of the screw so it isn't so long. Unless you are using a nut you will want to hacksaw off the end.

Step 3: Teflon tape

Picture of Teflon tape
 All you have to do is put one or two layers of teflon tape on the screw to get a good fit. You can always add more or take some off. Because of the stiffness of the chain the bracelet wont come off.

Step 4: Finished

Picture of Finished
 Now you have a very simple, cool bracelet to wear around