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I broke the derailleur hanger from a Trek 2200 after many years of hard use.  This happened to be a terminal condition for this bike.  Couldn't bring myself to toss it after so many wonderful miles - so it sat around my garage.  Used the top tube and down tube for some other project a few years ago, which left the rear triangle lonely in the corner.  I decided the triangle would make a decent shop stool, just had to make a few pieces and reclaim a seat tube from another spare bike.

Step 1:

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Firs step cut out the rear triangle.  This bike already had the top tube and down tube salvaged, I just needed to make a cut closer to the tubes.  This happened to be a carbon tube bike, with aluminum lugs. 
foobear2 years ago
why not use an actual bicycle seat for the seat?
Totally friggin sweet! Unloved bikes are everywhere!
Gregbot2 years ago
Great idea! Thanks!!!!!
This is pretty cool. Are there any plans to add casters?