How to make a wire sculpture

This is not a complete step by step Instructable for you to follow, it will guide you to make a bike out of wire. I learned how to do this in Senegal, and this Instructable is me learning by doing.

if you have something to add, please do so, this Instructable is made for collaboration.

First tips:

You should start with a thick long wire.
You should not cut the wire
the whole point is that you turn it to the right or to the left side to build the bike

Materials & tools

Wire - thin and a bit thicker wire

the more flexible the wire the easier it will be for you to build the bike.
the more stable you want the sculpture to be the thicker the wire that you should use.

Needle-nose pliers
Wire cutters (needle-nose pliers and wire cutters are sometimes combined in a single tool)
large nails or pens
1 pair of wire-cutters
1 pair of needlenose pliers
Useful: real models for inspiration, such us your own bike, or old toy cars.

Step 1: Turning the wire

Using the pliers twist the wire to the opposite side,
<p>nice.. i like it. .:) </p><p>it just recalled me my child hood.. when i used to make cars, trucks, tank with coke/colddrink tins.. I wish i could have saved those stuff to publish.. or I wish I would have this &quot;internet kind of thing&quot; in that time..</p>
Just do the same thing with 1-2 inch wide metal pipe and you'll have the coolest bike in the world.<br />
I used your construction process and made a 'stingray' bike with banana seat and sissy bar. Looks awesome!
that looks great, but I cannot see the banana seat, can you take a close up photo?
yes ma'am...it will b a few days tho, i'm headin out of town. I'm planning more versions too, to include possibly some motorcycles. I also did a human skeleton, but it's not the best.
ha.. heineken-mobile
That's really cool, I love that kind of 'ible very detailed with a lot of pictures an steps! I've once seen a motorcycle made like that and the tires were made with stuffed trash bags, it's hard to explain. Where are you from? I see that your Coca Cola cans are not written in English. And Really good pictures, btw!
I was in senegal when I was learning how to make all kinds of good stuff from the locals. This is my friend teaching me.. so the photos is me learning by doing.. Glad you enjoyed it
can you ride it?
If you make a big/real one why not?
where am i going to find huge pliers?
Where did you take these photos? It looks like something out of <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.afrigadget.com/">Afrigadget</a>.<br/>
Pretty impressive. If you have some more of the thin wire, you could use it to out spokes on the bike wheels.
would be nice to see. post photos if you do it.
I love this! It's so detailed. :)
That Heineken car is awesome!!
pretty cool

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