Picture of Bike pannier (front & rear)
Driving a bike is better for the environment than driving a car. But what if you have to carry a lot?
Therefor a pannier could be handy.

In this instructable we are going to create 1 front- and 2 rear-wheel panniers.

This instructable is part of a system called Coffee Cycle:
Biodegradable flower pots out of coffee grounds!
Coffee grounds collector
Burlap sack for bicycle basket

Tell me more about the Coffee Cycle project!
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Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
Make a drawing of the box you want to make and collect all the materials you need.

- Wire frame 150x100cm with a 5cm spacing between the wire mesh
- Plier/wire cutter
- Straight piece of wood
- Measuring tape
- Plastic straps (not pictured)

Step 2: Dimensions

Picture of Dimensions
Tape off the needed dimensions on the frame.
- Make use of the borders to obtain a nice border on the top of the box.
- Make sure there are lengths of wire at the sides which you can twist around to attach to another side.

Step 3: Cutting the frame

Picture of Cutting the frame
Cut the frame to the desired dimensions. If you want a serie of boxes with the same size, you can use this one as a template.

Step 4: BendBend

Picture of BendBend
Start with bending the four sides of the box and bend the base as the last.
Put the piece of wood equal with the bend line en bend the first side over the wood in an angle of 90ᵒ.
Do the same for the second and third bend.
To bend the base you have to put the piece of wood through the two sides and make sure the wood is equal with the bend line of the base. Now bend the base in an angle of 90ᵒ.

Step 5: Attach

Picture of Attach
Twist the ends of the wires to attach to the other sides.
Now you have a box to attach to the bicycle rack.
Repeat all steps to create a second box.

Step 6: Cut out the front box and bend

Picture of Cut out the front box and bend
With the rest of the frame you can make a box to hang onto the handlebar (6x16 squares).
Bend a front and backside.


Boygasmo1 year ago

I've been wanting to buy a basket for my bike for a while now but saw this last week, I was inspired to build my own! The difficulty level would be around 4 out of 10. Only because I had no bolt cutter, only my plier! My hands were sore afterward but its well worth it! Also I would suggest using metal file for the edges as not to cut yourself. Also I would suggest using electricity tape / shrink wrap to cover cut and exposed wires so not to cut yourself biking!

I used tie raps to secure the basket to my bike. Its very secure and I love it! Thanks for the tutorial! You rock!

2014-04-11 12.47.00.jpg2014-04-11 12.47.31.jpg
64Anthonyp1 year ago
Thanks buddy. Reminds me of my experience at But yours so much better described and written up. Like the front basket.