Introduction: Bike Rack

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Bike rack

Step 1: Pull-up

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Who hasn't went out and bought a pull-up bar after watching a Rocky movie or the likes. They are our most expensive clothes hanger. So when you want to give those bulging biceps a rest sure hang the bikes up and away safely.

Step 2: Fixing

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Simply following the simple instructions to fix to the wall that these bike racks come with...oh that's right I meant a pull-up bar.

Step 3: Bike Placement.

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As to be expected, these bars can take a lot of weight . I have 2 adults and one child's on mine but 4 adults could fit for sure.

Step 4: Locking.

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The bikes can easily be locked together as they are straddled both sides of main bar.


viviana.vegaq (author)2014-09-23

Smart idea :)

craftclarity (author)2014-06-11

.....and you still get a workout from lifting the bikes up to the bar...! Nice.

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