Bike Rack of Wood





Introduction: Bike Rack of Wood

When you have an expensive bicycle you don't like to store it in a garagebox or whatever. It is more interesting to place your bike in the living room, bed room, etc. Therefore I designed a stand made of wood, which is easy to create.

What you will need are the follow things:

* materials:

- wooden plate (140x60 cm);

- wooden beam (40x40 cm);

* tools:

- jigsaw, mitre saw;

- glue, clamps;

- grinding machine

- varnish

When you use recycled materials it will cost you just a tube of glue :)

Step 1: Sawing the Different Parts

The drawings are uploaded in PDF file here. You can also find them on:

When you drew the lines on the plate you can saw them with a jigsaw. It's a good idea for screwing and/or clamping the "double parts" (horizontal & bow) together before sawing, on this way they are identical.

The beams you can saw with a mitre saw.

Step 2: Gluing the Parts Together

I've glued all the parts. Of coarse you can screw them together but gluing give a cleaner look. I only used 3 screws to fix the groundplate.

Step 3: Final Result



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    Hi! Thinking about making this, how "steady" is the bike on the rack, my young one will likely be running around the bike. Thanks!

    Open the full size print in Adobe Reader, click on: File, Print and on the print popup window, click on Poster button (Print size & handling section). This will create tiles (pages) you tape together to create the full size print job. I would suggest you check the box for printing the cut marks too. This will help you line up the pages before tapping them together.


    Thanks for the helpful hint! What "Tile Scale" did you use (100%?) to get the proper sizing?

    Hey there Filip...

    What size bike do you have in the picks?I' going to give this a crack but I am concerned about the length of the bike. I think the overall length on bikes from hub to hub only varies 10-20mm but the rack seems to be a very specific fit. Have you tried it with other size bikes?


    The size of my bike is Medium or 54cm. The distance between the front and rear axle measures 980 mm. When this dimension is 10 - 20 mm longer there is no problem, your bike will fit in the stand.


    The distance between the axles on my bike is 1022 mm which sounds like it won't fit in the rack as shown. Looks like I would either have to increase the length of the support parallel to the ground or the angled upright support. Based upon your experience with the rack and the center of gravity, which would make more sense?


    very nice. can you give us a full size template so we can just print and paste in the wood just to make it easier.

    I uploaded a full size model in PDF. But how will you print a full size sheet?

    Hi filip , I have a large format roland versa works printer. I can print on
    Tarpaulin, stickers , photopaper, etc. I can print some for you at cost if you want. Thank you for the actual size.

    Nice printer! I didn't hear about it before. But when you drawing it by hand it's just 5 min too :)