Bike Rim Bottle Opener





Introduction: Bike Rim Bottle Opener

So you have a spare rim laying around, maybe you have it from swapping rims or it's a taco'd rim you got from a LBS or your local co-op; doesn't matter you're going to make it into a beer bottle key.

Step 1: The Goods.

Four things:

  • Hack saw
  • bike rim (pretty hard without it)
  • file
  • some spare inner tube (or your covering of choice)

Step 2: Saw That Rim!

Use strong intentional strokes to divide the rim in to smaller pieces. the length will vary on the size of the hands holding it. WARNING: has potential to make chalkboardesque sounds so be wary.

Step 3: File Under: Awesome

Once the bike rim has acquiesced to your strength take a file to it's sharp edges, soften it up. No blood.

Step 4: That's a Wrap

Take that spare inner tube and wrap it around the rim. if you've ever wrapped bar tape it's similar. It helps to cut the bike tube at an angle on the end to make the wrap seem more seamless. Once to the desired length tuck it in on itself.

Step 5: Enjoy a Cold One.

Put that baby on a cap and bust it open, flick of the wrist. Sit back and enjoy; watch all your bike friends envy, then appease them with one of there own. Beer and friends forever together.



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    Quite a while ago I made some bike rim openers so I was instantly intrigued when I saw your title. (:

    My version in picture:

    3 replies


    Nice i like the compact design, reduce, reuse, recycle, then cycle!

    How did I not think of this!? Brilliant. I enjoyed your commentary also. Cheers.

    Just a Mavic open pro rim that had a ding in it.

    This is just so cool! I love when people recycle old stuff and bring the small uses of it to everybody else! A bike rim?! Who could have thought about that?
    Awesome i'ble dude!

    Actually my first homebrew; Blue milk stout