hello.. after a fair bit of messing about and generally falling off my bike, the old speakers started to look tatty, so... bike speakers mk10, using the old bike speakers basic box... see my other instructables for those instructions..

Step 1: Strip the Old System

 here you can see how the old speakers were made, and how crappy they were looking...  i just stripped the old ones  and cut a hole for the rear bass driver...
that is one awesome setup way beats my idea of small speakers in my back pack would love to hear more about this... you can reach me at lacteus14 @ yahoo .com and share any ideas on how i could set me up a speaker system. thanks!!!! 
 what would you like to know mate?
 Excellent! Just when I thought I should make an instructable on how to hook up a speaker to a bike, I come across this! This is fantastic! Great job!
La verdad que te quedo muy prolijo, realmente un buen trabajo, felicitaciones por el Instructable.<br />

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