First, sorry for my english, it is not my mother tongue and I struggle a bit with the DIY vocabulary ;)

Second, I know that my instructable does not have a huge added value but I just wanted to share it as is was my first DIY thing that I entirely complete by myself. I know that welds are not very good but it is the only second time I use an arc welder !

As I practice bicycle regularly and my parents too, it was necessary to have this kind of tools because we do all the maintenance by ourselves.

I watched few instructables before but I just wanted to build my own one ;)

The BoM is very short, I just had to bough 5 meters of 25*25*1,5mm of steel channel (approx 20euros). 2 pieces of wood, a small sheet of steel, approx 40cm of threated spindles and 3 bolts

I will not speak about security warnings, you are not stupid and know that you have to read the F**** manual before using tools and especially for this arc welder ;)

Step 1: Weld the Base

I cut 3pieces, 2 of 50cm and one of 20 and weld the longest pieces with a 45° angle.

Then I weld the vertical axis (130cm is fine for me. An adjustable size would be perfect but I kept the whole thing very simple)

If you want, you can weld 2 others pieces at the opposite side to avoid that the bike stand fall (if you push it...).

As the distance between the vertical axis (step after) and the bike is quite important, I thought that the probability of falling was quite low

NB: I didn't take a picture of it but I used a magnetic triangle in order to have proper 45 and 90 angles ;)

<p>Don't feel like you have to do something super-original or be "Mister DIY" when you share something...I like what you made and think that it definitely has a home on Instructables. Thanks for sharing this!!</p>

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