Picture of Bike stem adapter for handlebar computer mount using a wine cork

This instructable shows how to make an adapter in order to move your bike computer or the likes from the handlebar to the stem. I needed to do it because I run out of room on the handlebar, and it worked fine!

Materials needed:

1) 1x wine cork (can be actual cork of silicone, perhaps another material - desirably lightweight and easy to work)
2) 1x tie-wrap (make sure the tie-wrap is long enough to accommodate the mount, the cork and the stem as in the image. 3) The existing handlebar mount for your bike computer/lamp/etc.

Step 1: Cutouts for tie-wrap on plastic computer mount

Picture of Cutouts for tie-wrap on plastic computer mount

You can carry out these cutouts in a number of ways. I did it by drilling two 2mm diameter holes using a handheld portable drilling machine, and removing the material in between using a Stanley knife.
Carry out one cutout on each side of the mount.

seamster1 year ago

Nice, simple fix! Thanks for taking the time to share this!

eljormaz (author)  seamster1 year ago

Thanks seamster! It was fun!