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So this is a short Instructable on how I converted a 20'' kids mountain bike into a fun three-wheeled ride.

This costs about 30 to 35 USD if you get your wheels at Harbor Freight.

Step 1: Disassembly and Reassembly

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First, take the back wheel and brakes off. This should be pretty simple, but you will have to cut the chain.

Then take off the back derailleur. Get a 5\8 steel rod and put it on the back fork, like in the picture.

Now take another steel rod and put it where the back axle used to be.

Hose clamp the two rods together.

Axle complete!

Take the pedals off and put bolts in their place. These bolts will be your footrests.

Step 2: Wheels for All!

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Now take your 5/8, 10 inch wheels and put them on. To hold them on,you can either use duct tape like I did or use the ever-useful hose clamps that I did not have.

That's it! You have now built a fun drift trike that you can ride around on.

Have fun!


nathanaloysiusbash (author)2015-07-31

Very interesting. Clever axle attatchment without having to resize the dropouts. So no pedals? Maybe you could cut a board to shape to lay down to make it a kind of trike scooter.

Yes, but cutting down the frame would weaken it, and you can stand on the axle or put your knee on the seat and it works as a scooter.

Yea, thats true.

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