This bike trailer is made of wood but has a metal frame. It can fit many different bikes and works well.
It is quite easy to make and not too expensive, it didn't take me that long and can carry quite a lot of stuff. 
Hope you like it.

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You make incredible things. You really do. This one is especially inspiring. Greatness!
it's not an instructable though. <br>but I assume it was already built when you posted it. <br>I want to make something like this. your attachment method is pretty clever. but how is it connected to the rear axle?
Agreed, this isn't really an instructable. Please consider revising.
I used a right angled piece of metal which i drilled two hols in one on each section as seen in the drawing. I then attached this to the bike using the bold which holds the wheel to the bike. After that I used a ball joint ( to allow it to turn when i go around a corner), this was bolted through the second hole. Using a piece of metal bar which i had put a screw thread on I joined together the ball joint and a metal tube which then went to the body of the trailer as seen in the drawing. <br>Hope this helps you if not tell me and I will try to get a picture of it for you. <br>
wow brilliant :D <br>might have to make one of these so i can ride my bike AND carry fishing gear to get to the further-away fishing spots
Thanks, sounds like a good idea.
Now put a electric motor in it that will push you.
That's a good idea but I don't think it would push me very well as the link between the bike and the trailer can pivot. <br>But you never know.
A guy that works with me at a bike shop has one. Its awesome. The pivot is exactly like the one he has. Good luck!
Ok i will look into it but I don't think I have enough money to buy a motor.
I recommend finding a scrap one from some kind of machine.
why is jon there?
It was when he came to mine last winter hols
Nice work! <br> <br>I am thinking to make one of these for me. Thanks for sharing.
Your welcome and thanks for the comment.

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