a diy weld free and cheap bike trailer wich can be made for £10!!

Step 1: Step 1

This is the hard part of makeing the trailer "if you only have a hand saw and you are 13 years of age" but any way moveing on you will need too cut...

7 30inc lenths of 2x1 timber "FOR THE MAIN FRAME"
4 4inc lenths of 2inc flat metal bar "WHEEL BRACES"

and lie them out in place like on the pic below.
i have a welder cani use bedframe angle iron instead of the wood it will be cheaper foe me
i amnot good at basic wood working i tend to split wood easyly i have a lot of very light bedframe that i have scrounged and collected over the years from the curbs
The metal would probably be much stronger, but much heavier also. Browse for some square bars and see how heavy it is? Also check the pricing. If you don't need the additional strenght, wood is the way to go IMO.
I'm building a similar bike trailer right now and I have used the metal reinforcement to connect the wheel axle, but now I'm realizing I will have to remove the metal in order to change a flat, any ideas to get around this?
How would you use stroller wheels? should i make the trailer smaller?
i made one similar to this yesterday, boy they are easy to make and really sturdy! I didnt have any mesh but i made it a perfect fit for milk crates. Good job!
if you had more wood, you could make a covered trailer, but anyway, great job ill probably make one
Looks like they're what you used but for anyone else watching: lag bolts are ideal for attaching the metal plates to the wood as they will bite into the wood and are prevented from spinning freely once they're tightened. Great idea, might have to make myself one of these. Thanks!
I like it. Simple, inexpensive and can be built with a minimal of tools and construction knowledge. Well done.
Excellent, basic, simple trailer. I love it. If you cut a piece of plywood for a bottom it would really strengthen things up, and you could carry some heavy stuff. I would think that you could use some PVC pipe and glue one up too, but I like the wood idea for easy assembly and few needed tools. Congratulations.
You should glue the wood pieces together before you add the screws. Used correctly, wood glue is much stronger than the surrounding wood. The screws are needed only to hold the joints until the glue has dried. Overall a nice trailer design but you might add some cross bracing to distribute the load of the cargo over the whole trailer instead of allowing it to be focused on the single center support member.
But be sure it's a glue that says "waterproof" after it dries. I'm not sure about Elmer's, but I believe Titebond2 is good in this respect. If not, maybe Titebond3, or Gorilla Glue (be careful, it foams as it cures, so keep joints tight). Cross bracing also helps keep it square, especially since you're pulling it mostly from one side.
I think i can spruce it up a bit by adding sides and a floor to it.
Hi M8, its got a floor. I did not but sides on it as I have used it to carry large things. sides would just get in the way but a good plan!
i have just pulled an old fashond push mower "ways a tone" 6 miles and the trailer was a ok the hitch was fine :)
i like the hook and eye attachment. to me, the hitch is the weak point on most trailer designs, but i think it's the strongest part of this design. i might modify it so that one side of the U-shape on the trailer was permanently attached to the trailer arm and you just pull in or out a non-load bearing bolt to attach/remove trailer.
Nice, but the way it attaches makes me a little nervous. Good idea- I should build one.

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