Introduction: Bike Training Stand (part 1.)

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Our goal in this instructable is to build and inexpensive stand to get the rear wheels of the ground so you can pedal freely and safely in a garage or the like.. Most of the units were a hundred dollars for more. I did not really want to spend that for my five dollar bicycle.

Step 1: What's Needed.

Picture of What's Needed.

PVC 3/4 inch
4 - Right angle pc sections
4 - Tees. 
8 - feet section of pipe to be cut into sections.
___ 4 - 1 foot sections
___ 2 -  short section depending on the width of your bike.
___ 2 - sections depending on the height to your bike frame.
PVC glue

Note my parts are a little different because I used what I had on hand. For more substantional people you may want to use more heavy duty pvc.

Step 2: Make the Sections to Hold the Frame.

Picture of Make the Sections to Hold the Frame.

You do not really want to take the bike apart to get the tees on the bike frame. It is easier to just cut off the tops so there is a channel for the frame to rest in.

Step 3: Put It Together.

Picture of Put It Together.

prime the pieces with the pvc glue.
Put it together.
Let it dry.

Note: You might set the bike above the unit to make sure channels lineup before complete ly drying.

Step 4: Tada!

Picture of Tada!

Try it out!

Step 5: Future Enhancements.

Picture of Future Enhancements.

Now that you have the bike where it can be used in place, there are all kinds of options that come to mind. Monitoring health status, mileage traveled. using the bike with other parts to become a generator, and etc.

May do two versions: one with just the Arduino and the other with a computer and or the arduino.


mAsimOsi (author)2012-11-21

Good job
It sounds so light thu
Is it stable & safe?

Computothought (author)mAsimOsi2012-11-22

Everything is relative. Just depends on how you use it. Steel pipe would be better....

BrociliTree123 (author)2012-10-03

Well Done Bro. Nice Work


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