Use an old bike tube to make a tools belt.

Step 1: What You Need.

You will need an used bike tube, some duct tape and a pair of scissors.

Step 2: Cut

Cut a long part of the tube, according to how long you want the belt to be.
From the remaining part, cut 3 pieces of about 15 cm.
Cut the rest of the tube in small rings shape (as many as you want).

Step 3: The Buckle

On one end of the tube make a small cut, big enough for the other end to pass through.
Afterwards you can make a knot to fasten it.
Notice the position of the small pieces of the tube and of the rings. There they should be attached to the belt.

Step 4: The Pokets

Use duct tape to attach the 15 cm pieces to the belt.
Run a piece of duct tape through the small tube and fasten it to the belt.

Step 5: The Bottom

Use some more duct tape to make the bottom of the pockets.

Step 6: The Rings

From the pockets to the other end of the belt attach the rubber rings using duct tape.

Step 7: The End

This is how it looks like full with tools.
You can add some stickers to personalize it.
<p>That's a really good idea!</p><p>Maybe I can do this to one of my friends because he want's something similar to a small pegboard but this could be even better!</p>
It's a good idea. I think an improvement could be changing the duct tape:<br><br>The duct tape is the weak point of this belt... instead using duct tape you could use pieces of other bike tube and glue them to the belt (even staples).<br><br>Anyway it's nice :)
Good idea!!

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