Picture of Bike tube tools belt
Use an old bike tube to make a tools belt.
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Step 1: What you need.

Picture of What you need.
You will need an used bike tube, some duct tape and a pair of scissors.

Step 2: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut a long part of the tube, according to how long you want the belt to be.
From the remaining part, cut 3 pieces of about 15 cm.
Cut the rest of the tube in small rings shape (as many as you want).

Step 3: The buckle

Picture of The buckle
On one end of the tube make a small cut, big enough for the other end to pass through.
Afterwards you can make a knot to fasten it.
Notice the position of the small pieces of the tube and of the rings. There they should be attached to the belt.

Step 4: The pokets

Picture of The pokets
Use duct tape to attach the 15 cm pieces to the belt.
Run a piece of duct tape through the small tube and fasten it to the belt.

Step 5: The bottom

Picture of The bottom
Use some more duct tape to make the bottom of the pockets.

Step 6: The rings

Picture of The rings
From the pockets to the other end of the belt attach the rubber rings using duct tape.

Step 7: The end

Picture of The end
This is how it looks like full with tools.
You can add some stickers to personalize it.
gomibakou3 years ago
It's a good idea. I think an improvement could be changing the duct tape:

The duct tape is the weak point of this belt... instead using duct tape you could use pieces of other bike tube and glue them to the belt (even staples).

Anyway it's nice :)
TSC4 years ago
Good idea!!