Hi folks - well just like it says on the tin, here is how I put together my wife's custom made saddle - also I am going to use the same method to build and cover a custom unicycle saddle when I am able, that is why at the start of this instructable some steps show a different seat but I thought I may as well make a start while I had the tools out.

Step 1: Tools

Ok - contact adhesive - sharp knife - scissors - heavy duty stapler - a pen or pencil to draw around your shape or design something - saw for cutting the wood - sand paper/sander - bread knife for cutting the foam - - tea and biscuits.
<p>I ride with a noseless saddle. As I have a fairly upright riding posture, it's turned out to be the most comfortable saddle I've ever used. Thanks for this, I might make one for my other bike which still has a gonad crusher on it.</p>
<p>Look very comfy for long ride!</p>
This looks great! Thanks for the share.

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