This brief instructional video from http://www.bikeskills.com will help you learn to jump your mountain bike as well as add skills and greater control to all your mountain biking. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear any time you ride a bike and especially when you are learning a new and/or applying a new skill.
Just write the darn thing
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HchmcZvgoBY&amp;list=UUrTQ6ERhmiS_tgk0rRKKIDA&amp;index=3&amp;feature=plcp<br><br>Check out this mountian biking video.
What easy tricks other then the whip and no hander can you do off a jump?
that is one small jump!
They make it look easy ITs noT!!!
awesome ive just got back into mountain biking
i always wanted to try this but i over think it and never do it. same issues with free running, someone should do a post on that. good instructable.
Cool! I want to try, but I'll hurt myself.

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