Introduction: Bikeskills: Pumping for Speed and Control

This brief instructional video from will help you learn pump track fundamentals as well as add skills and control to all your mountain biking. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear any time you ride a bike and especially when you are learning a new and/or applying a new skill.


sathyan (author)2008-11-23

i found the useful instructions and also the encouragement to drive the bikes in mountains ,because generally i am hesitant to drive bike in mountains.


Sunshine Coast

~BenDover~ (author)2008-06-01

Thanks, I love all these intructables!

GorillazMiko (author)2008-03-15

Nice! What kind of video embed player is this?

bikeskills (author)GorillazMiko2008-03-15

I really don't know. We just posted the video on because they seemed to play better. We had intended to upload the HD version of the file, but can't find it right now. We have a few other bike videos on there as well. Rob

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