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Introduction: Bikesport Micro-Camper

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The Bikesport Micro-Camper is a small camper designed to be pushed like a handcart or towed behind a bicycle or small scooter. It is lightweight and is built on the Aosom Elite II trailer frame: Aosom Bike Trailer

The camper is 2 feet wide and slides open to a 6 foot bed space. Room enough for one adult to sleep inside with a sleeping bag and roll up mattress pad. There is a storage cabinet on one end. The top of the camper is at table height and can be used for a table, meal prep, games and there is a roof top cargo rack to hold more camping supplies. This would be a great project for a homeless person, bike traveler, college student, or just to have as a bug out shelter for emergencies when you can't drive a vehicle.

Download the full color plans here: DOWNLOAD PDF PLANS

Plans are 15 pages full color and printable. Plans are copyrighted and may not be shared. This Instructable will self destruct when the contest is over so get the plans now!

I have many small house, camper and shelter plans and off grid and homesteading plans on my website:

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