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My first instructable ever!! Bikies are Blinkies on the bicycle wheels, you take a blinkie and tape it to your Bike so when it spins it looks like a ligth circle
Danger: (thanks to buzz_kill): Attach it to your bike properly or you will kill someone! Ideas for xtra safe:
*Tape it with supertape or something like
*solder the led!
*Use superglue or hot glue gun to atach everything on its place
*Dont propel your bike witha a car (grabing a moving car so you get spped without peddaling)

Step 1: What You Need

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You need:
*6 button cells (2 ligths up 1led, but 3 makes it more bright)
*2 leds (i used Green but you can use any led)
*Superglue or Hot glue gun (optional) (to attach it better)

Step 2: Make the Circuit

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Make the circuit of the trowhie with a switch . for more info search for trowhies in this site
tape the cells and the switch together

Step 3: Put It on Your Bike and Done!!

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Atach it to one of your bike wheels so it dosnt touch anytyng else
Make another one and put it in the other whell
You are done!!!!


scout117 (author)2012-09-27


santy22 (author)2008-04-23

They don't sell Hockey whatever in my country, so i made these AND YOU CAN MAKE THEM THE WAY YOU WANT!

el eliel (author)2008-02-17

there's a commercial product called tire flies. they screw onto your valve stems, come in many colors, and flash on and off. they're around 15 bucks a pair and include batteries and are weather proof. be sure to check your local regulations before putting certain color combos on yer wheels so you're not the creative one with a nasty police impersonation charge!

santy22 (author)el eliel2008-02-17

i am in argentina, and there arent any of them , besides, the bikies can be made for 1 buck (3,15 pesos, my local money) a pair and you can make them waterproof with a tic tac box or something like that

Buzz_Kill (author)2008-02-13

My only concern would be the centrifugal forces on the device. If not properly attached to the spokes you could potentially have a very dangerous projectile if it breaks away from the wheel while it is spinning at even moderate speeds. Fix that issue, and you have a fun first Instructable!

santy22 (author)Buzz_Kill2008-02-14

i tested it at very high speeds and it didn'n even short, if you want more security use a better tape and glue it with superglue or a hot glue gun

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