Bilbo Baggins Pipe





Introduction: Bilbo Baggins Pipe

I am a big fan of Lord of the Rings and Hobbit and other Tolkien masterpieces so for this video I decided to make Bilbo Baggings wooden pipe, and I also recorded my own music so please go and check it out :)


Step 1: Design, Proccesing

Design your pipe as you want :)

Find suitable wood (I don't know which one I used)

Step 2: Shape It

Drill the chamber

Cut the excess with saw and refine it with rasp and sandpaper

Step 3: Stem

Cut two strips and gouge the hole inside to get a straw when you connect them

Make a simple jig to force the wood into a curve and glue it with string inside to stop excess blocking the hole

Step 4: Connection

Cut a piece of stainless steel (inox) which will represent mortise and tenon

Drill the holes for metal piece and also drill the draft holes

Step 5: Final Touches

Sand the stem to final size, carve something, wrap it if you want and put makers mark :)

Step 6: Smoke Away

Finished pipe ready for smoking :)

This project is very simple to make and It doesn't require a lot of tools to make :)

Have an EPIC day and see you soon with new project

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    37 Discussions

    Love the pipe, but I love the music more! Can I get a copy?

    3 replies

    Thank you mate :) You mean like tablatures or the music as a mp3 ?

    oh sorry I didn't got a notification... :( how can I send it to you?

    Nice project. But if you're not sure of the wood, don't smoke the pipe. could be unsafe. I was looking into making some pipes and found Briar wood, its a root burl, is the best due to density and hard to burn. Some other woods may give off fowl smoke which could be harmful if inhaled. Just be careful. Thanks for sharing the write up. Awesome job.

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    wow love the idea always wanted to make one for my hubby he's a Tolkien fan I bought the whole full extended version collection of the movies for him when they came out now I will have to make him a pipe to go with it all :-) mind you he don't smoke anymore but I am sure he will love the pipe :-}

    I have an oak tree I have been growing for the past few years and there is just the perfect branch I can use for his pipe stem :-} and I have oak set aside for my wood turning projects so I can pinch a piece to make the pipe bowl :-)

    Thanks for the great instructable and better still showing me how via a video now that's something I can play over and over to make sure as I go along with the project :-) thank goodness for iPads :-)

    1 reply

    Thank you, yeah you can use oak wood for sure :) he would definitely love it :) so give it a shot and please send me a photos when you make it :D
    Have a nice day
    Moris :)

    Got My Vote! This is awesome. I will have to give this a try. Did you use oak or maple for this project?

    1 reply

    I used maple for stem but for bowl I dunno which one it is :/
    But definitely give it a shot :)

    I love this, but i have a small safety concern. Please make sure you DO find out which wood you are using! Some hardwoods are toxic,some lethally so. This is even more important if you are burning things in it.GREAT build!

    1 reply

    Awesome job!

    I just have one question, was the "stainless steel (inox)" just for connecting the two pieces together?

    Or did it have another purpose?

    Thank you again for demonstrating an excellent build. I'm going to try this but I don't know where to get the "stainless steel (inox)."

    3 replies

    Thanks bro, yeah I used inox piece to connect bowl and stem together you can also use wooden dowel ;) just drill hole through it, I also wanted to do that but I had Inox and I wanted to use a grinder :D :P
    Have a nice day :)

    Yeah.. I was looking for this too. Just to confirm the inox is just to connect them and I could use a subsitute?

    Yeah, the tube represents mortise and tenon joint but this is way easier :)