Picture of Bilge Water Bottle
This is a brown glass bottle given the look of a filthy, aged ceramic whiskey jug with just a little paint and dirt. Your read that right--dirt. I embellished this bottle to hold the whiskey for this year's Halloween party. Each of our liquors and mixers was given a unique and spooky or gross-sounding title. (This one was tame by comparison) This bottle started out life as a Mississippi Mud Black and Tan bottle. I have one of these bottles and it has seen quite a lot of use but the paint/dirt layer mimicking the unglazed ceramic section has remained in tact despite being handled a lot.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
A Mississippi Mud Black and Tan Bottle - label removed and empty (or substitute similar jug-style glass bottle)
Cork to fit the bottle - I bought mine in the hardware store. They can often be found loose in the bulk section in a variety of sizes.
Masking Tape
Letter Stickers
Clear Spray Paint - matte finish
Beige Acrylic Craft Paint
Foam Paint Brush
Dirt - yes, from the garden
Sharp Craft Knife and/or Tweezers

First I was automatically drawn in By "Bilge Water Bottle" Neat way to spruce
up a bottle, I will make a "Grog" Bottle this way. If you are interested in marketing
such a product, I could supply 100% pure Bilge Water for Free!
Hazardous shipping fee may apply...................
starshipminivan (author)  sodiumcanine3 years ago
This would be a perfect way to contain grog, I totally agree! My husband is an aficionado of pirate culture and this would be greatly appealing to him. I'll have to make one for his grog too!
This would make a fine grog bottle. Not many people know about actual bilge water. Well done.
tylercard3 years ago
So simple, yet so awesome. Great work and original idea.
sunshiine3 years ago
This looks so awesome! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful fall day!