Introduction: Billie Jean Light Up Panel

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Michael Jackson light up Billie Jean panels

Step 1: Materials

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Jumper Wires
10mm LEDs
Arduino uno
Force sensitive resistor
10KOhm & 220 Ohm resistors
Acrylic Plastic Panels
Wooden Frame

Step 2: Wiring

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Step 3: Code

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Step 4: CAD

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Go to onshape
Design the dimensions that you want hte acrylic panel to be
Laser cut panel
Design wooden frame
Cut it out of wood
Put them together

Step 5: Combine Panel and Arduino

Place Fsr in between frame and acrylic panel
Step on it


seamster (author)2016-05-13

It would be cool if you made a whole sidewalk out of these! Any plans to make more?

lsaintfleur19 (author)seamster2016-05-13

Yes and I hope to build on the idea.

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