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Introduction: Binary Clock

About: My name is marjancho and I love electronics,makeing gadgets,hack and pranks.

I always want to have binary clock,so I made one and works great,I love it this clock is fun too watch.
The heart of clock is microcontroler PIC16F84A and other parts like crystal,LEDs.
Thanks for watching the video and here is my links:




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    Is there a way that you could post something about how to do this as a 12-hr format rather than a 24-hour format?

    I can read it in 24 but I am used to 12 and it would just be convenient. Maybe a way to even put in a AM/PM LED would be awesome.


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    I found this project on the internet,I am not the author,so I cant change the code.
    Regards macobt

    Thanks,the project s great and the hex code is 100% working.
    The project you can find on my blog:
    Regards maco bt

     all right, nice. now how do you make it? after all, this is instructables, not youtube

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    Hi there
    This project is not simple and it's not for amateurs or beginners,there is a lot of procedures to make this clock.
    my blog:

     Just as an aside - love the music, what is it?

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    The song is"Pass Over-Anastasia" OST from the macedonian movie Before the is some link too see

     Need Help!!! Cannot seem to find this album or song!!! Please more info...Thanks...B

    Hi Jeroth
    Here is just this song Anastasia-Pass Over click the link to download the song in rar file,if you want the holl album visit - Pass Over.rar

     Cheers macobt!

     Just finished downloading!!  Beutiful...Thanks...B

    Why did you lay the bits in that configuration? For reading 6-7 bits, I'd be happier with them L-R, stacked vertically. L

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    I don't understand about what you writing,bee more specific.

    You laid the LEDs as vertical strips of 2+4 and 3+4. For reading binary I'd (personally) like all 6/7 bits in a straight Left to Right, I'm interested as to why you split into the 2+4 & 3+4 vertical rather than going 6,7 horizontal. L

    OK that answers it. L