Introduction: Amazing Binary Clock in a LED Matrix

Hello, all !!

This is my project of a binary clock using LED Matrix 8x8 and including interesting features.

All information of day, month, year, hour, minutes, number of the week of year are shown in a binary notation.

Exceptions are the indication of week day and the moon phase. In this cases only one LED is applied for a direct indication.

For the time is used a RTC (Real Time Clock) to update the current time to Arduino and for the display is used a module of LED Matrix controled by MAXIM MAX7219.

To setup and control the features of day, month and year is used an Encoder. This device is has more accuracy in positioning than a simple potentiometer and assures an operation more reliable for the user.

In control of everything is an Arduino UNO R3.

See VIDEO !!

Step 1: Material

Picture of Material

Materials used in this project are:

- 01 x LED Matrix module controled by MAX7219

- 01 x Rotary Encoder with push-button

- 01 x RTC module

- 01 x Arduino UNO R3

- 01 x Breadboard

- 01 x Set of jumpers

Step 2: Assembly & Code

Picture of Assembly & Code

The assembly is very simple due the modular construction of components.

Follow the schematics shown in the picture, print the template for the LED Matrix and upload the Arduino's program.

Step 3: Operation

The operation of Binary Clock is done by turning the Encoder to left or right.

The push-button of Rotary Encoder selects what you want to update, the day, month or year.

Each click moves for next feature and 2 LEDs blinks at firt column of the matrix to indicate what was selected.

RTC clock has a long life battery but at first use of the module you need the update the time and date and the easiest way to do that is to carry on the example of the DS1307RTC library named SetTime.

Just upload it to Arduino and the clock is updated to current time during compilation of this program.

Step 4: Conclusion

Picture of Conclusion

This project is interesting due the amount of information you can apply on a single LED matrix of 8x8.

The use of binary numbers can reduces the spaces necessary to show everything and the use of the mask turn more friendly the operation.

I did another more complex project applyind same concept of LED Matrix: maximum information with minimum resources.

You can also see this project in on my another INSTRUCTABLE in this link:


In this another project I did a full calendar including features of time, date, digital clock and moon phase in a simple LED matrix.

Please, take a look and send your oppinion and sugestions for both projects.

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LucianoC7 (author)2016-08-28

Testei em outra maquina e funcionou acho que e a versao do arduino que esta isntalada em meu mac.

Assim que eu montar posto o resultado obrigado.

lagsilva (author)LucianoC72016-08-30

Que bom! Poste depois uma foto de sua montagem.

LucianoC7 (author)2016-08-21

Boa noite amigo gostei do relogio, mas estou tentando compilar e sempre está dando erro que parece ser da biblioteca Bounce2 você sabe se existe mais de uma versão dessa biblioteca ?

Esse é o erro que está aparecendo obrigado e um abraço Luciano.

In file included from F6DR5BCI7RGASC8.ino:1:
/Users/luciano/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Bounce2/Bounce2.h: In constructor 'Bounce::Bounce(uint8_t, long unsigned int)':
/Users/luciano/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Bounce2/Bounce2.h:76: error: type 'Bounce' is not a direct base of 'Bounce'

lagsilva (author)LucianoC72016-08-22

Luciano, boa noite,

Que ótimo que tenha gostado deste projeto. Obrigado!

Utilizei a biblioteca "Bounce2" deste link:

Para download direto, o link é este:

Fiz este programa há bastante tempo e não tive problemas com esta biblioteca.

Para testar, recompilei hoje o programa em minha versão atual do Arduino (1.6.10) e não houve erros.

Por favor, tente refazer o download da biblioteca e me informe os resultados.


ibenkos (author)2015-03-26

This is awesome! Nice idea, thanks for sharing :)

paulindallas (author)2015-03-23

Very nice project. Could you please make and upload a template for the 8x8 Matrix with English Abbreviations?

Thank you.

Very nice projeto. Você poderia por favor fazer e carregar um modelo para a Matrix 8x8 com Inglês abreviações ?


lagsilva (author)paulindallas2015-03-23

Thank you very much for your feedback !!

I have uploaded the template in English version.

Please, take a look !!

paulindallas (author)lagsilva2015-03-23

Excellent... thank you.

Excelente ... obrigado.

lagsilva (author)paulindallas2015-03-23

Ok. I will do that!

seamster (author)2015-03-22

This is awesome!

lagsilva (author)seamster2015-03-22

Thank you!!

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