Picture of Binary Counting
Count to over one thousand using nothing but your fingers.
bigpinecone8 years ago
my new favorite number is 4...


i tought binary was like, 10010111010101101101101110100010100101010?
it is. in this instance each finger represents a 1 when it is up and a 0 when it's down. so 0000000000 = 0, 0000000001 = 1, 0000000010 = 2, 0000000011 = 3 and 0000000100 = 4. Understand? So that would make your number 1,299,994,592,554.
yeh, I figuered that out at dinner
Iridium76 years ago
my favorite # is 132

If only there was a like button....

fwjs286 years ago
this one is easier to understand, but the others are more in depth....i prefer this...
Arbitror6 years ago
#4 LOL!
knoxarama6 years ago
how to count in binary

this is more detailed
Deering7 years ago
so let's say there are 6 fingers, would the sixth one be 32?it confuses me so much... From what i understand, to some people binary comes to people naturally while others have to learn it.That and a fun fact is that certain puzzles are based on binary,you have to fugure wich ones have to be on (1) and off (0) at the right time and after a while you notice a pattern...
yes, because the other five together are 31
yes. all you do is take the previous number and multiply it by 2. when you want to write letters you would write in bits or sections of eight
casey321b6 years ago
omg a cartoon flipped me off. you 4er!!! really that shouldn't be posted i think. there is no such thing as four anymore
uffabrew6 years ago
The poster/cartoon is nice but seriously flawed. Using all ten fingers and all ten toes would result in 1,048,575 possible combination. Assuming you started counting at zero. I don't know how the cartoonist missed the other 8000 combinations. iMaybe the small toes are worth a little less........1,040,575 is not 2 to the 20th power. 2 to the 20th is 1,048,576, ie One Megabyte. Good job "Spiff" you get the A for the day for pointing out the error!
icedog5157 years ago
copycat-427 years ago
frederick pohl wrote an essay about this. "how to count on your fingers" it was at the end of the his short-story collection "digits and dastards".
jerielng8 years ago
Look ma, 4!
zachninme8 years ago
Base 3 should be possible, Up = 2, bent =1, and down=0...
number... four.... LOL.. well, anyway, thats great, i never knew binary and it always confused me.
Crash21089 years ago
Just don't tell your 4 year old how to tell his age on his fingers.
is it appropiate counting to 4 like this?
savagenarce9 years ago
Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe I'm just becoming a grouchy old fart, but it seems I can count as high as I want without using my fingers, toes, or any other appendages. 1-2-3-4...a billion and one, a billion and two...
ICeSpliCe9 years ago
I used to do this when I was a wee child. One of my friends fathers taught us when were around 5 years old. I still use it when I need to add large numbers up. Sometimes people look at you funny, but who cares! I love it. Very glad to see that its being passed on. :):):)
pelrun9 years ago
If someone is able to individually control their toes, wow! I can only manipulate the smaller toes on each foot as one unit.

That means four extra bits, and therefore a maximum count of 214 = 16383.

I've counted binary on my fingers for as long as I can remember. Zero to three are the critical maneuvers as your index finger and thumb perform the same motion continuously - the faster you can do that, the faster you can count. The other fingers aren't much of a challenge after that... although it helps immensely with the more difficult numbers if you use your thumb to hold the other downed fingers.
super cool. I really love this.
spinach_dip9 years ago
spiff9 years ago
The fingers and toes panel number should be 1,048,575 (which is 220 - 1). You accidentally turned the 8 into a zero.
courtarro9 years ago
That might be dangerous! Make sure your son doesn't go around showing everyone how he can count to 4! Or even worse, 132!
LordVorp9 years ago
This is amazing... I showed my 6-year old how to do it and he picked it up in just a day! With just a tiny bit of coaching, we've already introduced hexadecimal, and it seemed a natural, simple extension. THANK YOU!!!!