Picture of Binary Number Scrabble - The Game
ok ok, you saw Number Scrabble and you understand the merits.  but that whole decimal number thing seemed so arbitrarily based on the quantity of fingers possessed by some Roman emperor.  Daleks don't count down from ten, its just the universal translator getting in the way.  couldn't we use a system that actually makes Logical sense?  of course, you know we can.  that whole Decimal version was just for the Normals, we both know Binary Number Scrabble is the purest form of Perpendicular Intersecting Valid Tile Sequence Puzzle Game.  Well, here it is, enjoy!

Note:  Unless you are a computer engineer, embedded systems engineer, ASIC engineer or 133t h4x0r, i'd recommend playing regular number scrabble a couple times first, and then try this version.

Step 1: Make your tiles

Picture of Make your tiles
To play Binary Number Scrabble, you need a game board and tiles.  As with normal number scrabble we'll just retrofit a Scrabble set with some tape and a marker.

Number/Operator How Many Score value
0 28 1
1 28 1
= (equals) 14 1
+ (add) 5 1
- (subtract) 5 1
× (multiply) 3 2
÷ (divide) 2 4
OR 4 1
AND 4 1
NOT (inverse) 4 1
blank 3 0
AndyGadget5 years ago
I love it, but I've absolutely no idea who I'd play this with.
(Too many non-tecchie friends ;¬)

I love your comment because it's exactly what I thought. I might find 2 people...
Don't you mean 10 people?
lemonie5 years ago
Could you add image notes to the game-shots which give the scores for each play, or at least a few of them?

dan (author)  lemonie5 years ago
ok done

lemonie dan5 years ago
Thanks, that sharpens it up for me!