This Instructable will show you how to turn 60 binder clips into a ball. With 5 dollar worth of borrowed storeroom clips you can be the envy of your cube farm. While searching Instructables at work one day, I came upon the binder clip sphere, https://www.instructables.com/community/Binder-clip-sphere/ I started playing with the clips by taking them apart and putting them back together in different ways. Through trial and error, I managed to create a binder clip ball.

Step 1: 18 the Goods

The binder clip ball is made with the 2 arm metal paper binder clips. Any size clips will work as long as they are all the same. I would recommend a medium clip as they are the easiest to work with and are usually the most plentiful. Make your way to your office supply room, closet or secretaries desk to obtain your clips. If you don't want to "borrow" the clips from work, you can find them at any office supply store for a couple of bucks.


60 - metal two arm binder clips,
Your fingers
I was trying to make a smaller version of this with 12mm clips and for the life of me I couldn't get the rings of five to stay in shape. &nbsp;In the end I decided it was not going to happen so made a different version with rings of three clips joined together in groups of five (i.e. it is the &quot;dual&quot; version). &nbsp;I thought I would post a couple of photos just in case anyone was interested.<br>
Wow! That is awesome. Good work. I created my first binder ball the same way. I couldn't get the pieces together, so I just played around until they just &quot;clicked&quot;
I made this a few days ago, and my fingers have now just recovered to the point where I can post a comment. :-) <br> <br>I actually found it easier to take all the arms off the clips rather than leaving one on. To get the rings of five into the correct shape I found that a pair of small pliers and a good hard surface to push down on were essential (I used our glass-topped dining table). The good news is that once the rings are shaped correctly they are very stable. <br> <br>The ball looks fantastic when it is finished. My kids think I am a genius. ;-)
Awesome! Good thinking with the pliers. <br>I must have calluses on all my fingers from putting all 3 together.
O.M.G.!!!!! I am SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is SO HARD!!!!!!!!!! I can't get the 5 clip stars to stay in place!!!!!! they keep bending and shifting!!!! Is there a method to this madness?? I am almost in tears!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I bought 144 binder clips to make for friends. My fingers are hurting. (._.,)
I am using medium size binder clips because the 3/4&quot; ones were too small to work with.
Hi guineapoop, I always find that when I am trying to make the 5 clips stars, the clips want to take the natural shape of a square instead of a star. <br> <br>One thing you might want to try is spreading the 5 clips apart and connecting the inside arm first, before the outside. Once you have all 5 clips attached, make sure all the C loops are in the grooves and then you can move the clips around until they stop bending and shifting. <br> <br>Another trick is to keep all the flat parts of the black clips, (bottom of the triangle) on a level surface. <br> <br>Hope this helps.
OH!! thank you SO much 69valentine! I will try that. For the life of me, I could not get the 5 pieces to lay flat and I've tried shoving the C loops btw the grooves without success. But I will try again and again. <br> <br>Have you seen this 6 piece binder clip sculpture? It's pretty cool. Unfortunately, the guy did not post instructions. I posted photos of the one I made in case you want to try. (^_^) I hope the photos load. <br> <br>http://zacharyabel.com/sculpture/stressful.html <br>
The last photo on the lower right is the completed model.
Someone's bored at work, lol!
Glad I had exactly 61 binder clips just lying around when I stumbled upon this. Finally finished this monstrosity, but the cat I hope will want to play with this is long asleep. <br> <br>This should satisfy my creative urges for a while.
This would be a perfect thing to build a little <strong><a href="http://www.paulinthelab.com/2012/07/led-ring-oscillator-stripboard.html" rel="nofollow">LED Ring Oscillator</a> </strong>into<br> <br> that is ace, I'm getting some clips now!
I made one of these a while ago off of the same instructable you found it off of. After it was done, I don't know what I did wrong but it couldn't support itself so it caved in on itself.... Now our household has an absurd amount of binder clips...
That's really neat! At first It just looked like a ball of binder clips, but you have really awesome directions on how to put it all together!<br /> <br /> Since you're a new author, you should mention your project on the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Rewards-for-New-Authors/">Rewards for New Authors</a> page!

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