Picture of Binder Clip Star
As Administrative professionals day is quickly approaching. Show your secretary/ receptionists / administrative support professional your appreciation with this classy piece of office art. Using this handy Instructable and ten binder clips from your supply closet, this project won’t take longer than your coffee break.

Step 1: The First Star

Picture of The First Star
Chip samples 003 (Large).jpg
Chip samples 004 (Large).jpg
Chip samples 005 (Large).jpg
Chip samples 006 (Large).jpg
Chip samples (Large).jpg

10 - Medium size binder clips

Remove the arms off of 10 medium (1¼”) binder clips. Take five arms and thread each arm through the head of another until you form a ring. Make sure the heads are following a clock wise pattern.

I’ve colored codes the four sets of arms to make it easier to see how they attach together. The first five arms are blue, second set - pink, third - green and last - yellow.

Bananalazer2 years ago
I made this and everybody near me was amazed. Its a fun little thing to do.
69valentine (author)  Bananalazer2 years ago
Glad you liked it. You should try the Binder Clip Ball next.
That is so cool :D