Picture of Binder Clips with Attitude
Etch words onto binder clips to add some attitude to your office supplies.

This is another quick and easy project to make on a laser cutter. (I just joined TechShop, and I now have access to all kinds of wonderful equipment, so this is one in a series of "I made it at TechShop" Instructables.) This project assumes that you have already  had some training on safety and basic use of your particular model of laser cutter. My directions are based on my experience with a Trotech machine, but they are basically agnostic - they should work whether you are using an Epilog or Trotech machine.

Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
Here are the materials I used:

binder clips
a spare piece of white paper, for contrast

These were my tools:

Adobe Illustrator, for creating the words
a Trotech 100-watt laser cutter

I like this but I will have to hide them from my teachers who knows what they'll do if they found the ignore one
fred272 years ago
Won't most of the text be obscured by the handles when used? A nice idea but perhaps laser over a smaller area.
egp (author)  fred272 years ago
Good point. Guess I tend to keep the handles down once I have my papers clipped together. That way the various stacks of paper I'd rather not deal with right away take up less room!
iscovell2 years ago
mmm... where did I put my Trotech 100-watt laser cutter...?

Cool idea, go sell some...
egp (author)  iscovell2 years ago
Ok - I'll bring some to i made it! market this weekend in Pittsburgh!  I'll be at the TechShop table - see you there...  :-)
Ha! That's a very cool idea :)
egp (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks! It's fun to use them at work...