Picture of Binder Knife
A very sharp knife made from a binder

Step 1: Step 1

Open the binder and take out the part that holds the paper without bending it. Then when you have it off flip it over and you should see two strips of metal (the bigger the binder the bigger the blade and it will be stronger). I used a fore inch binder for this. Try to take the metal strips out without scratching them up to much because it will be harder to polish if you don't have a polishing wheel. When you have the two strips out they should have three rings in each strip, when you are at this point move on to the next step. SORRY I dont have a pic for this step :(
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Doohickey2 years ago
Next step: how to turn a knife into a binder!

I dare you. ;)
ryanpriehl5 years ago
 Nice Newton's cradle in that picture! I love those things!
This my binder knife, It's short because I used the wrong part and had to break it, ut it is a pretty good knife. P.S. I didn't have a sharpening stone so I used a Metal File P.S.S. The sheath is cardboard wraped in a cord.
Pat Sowers (author)  NinjaFreak1026 years ago
haha niice looks good!
do u think that a binder sword made of three layers would hold up good
Pat Sowers (author)  NinjaFreak1025 years ago
honestly no. i meen give it a shot but it wont be that good.
zany7 years ago
here is a partly unrelated comment. sorry. i am 15 and don't have a forge, polishing stone, or whatever, and one of my parents is at home pretty much of the time. is there still any way to have a knife or sword? (besides a binder knife-the binder knife was really good though. ty for the instructable)
i know everyone else is posting stuff like this so, ive grown up with knives and stuff, throwing them choppin sht and all that yeah i dont really understand your question
this is a cool idea btw, this instructable
Camisado zany7 years ago
Wow, your parents don't trust you with knives and you're 15 already? Wow.... that must suck. I'm a couple of years younger than you and I start collecting weapons when I'm 9. LOL. I'm trusted with a knife when I'm 8, also got my first wooden sword and a dagger. Got a shoto sword off the internet when I'm nine ( this is when I started collecting weapons ). Weapon collection has been growing rapidly over since. Heck, even got my own storage of weapons! ( If you don't believe me, take a good look at my avatar. The Katana on my back is family heirloom, and the Tanto knife is made by me. Cool, eh? )
Yah I got my first gun which was a savage arms 22. bolt action long rifle when i was 7 or 8 for christmas and now i have my own collection of guns. I started makeing and collection melee weapons when i was 6 or 7 and have a nice collection. PS. I make weapons out of everything is see, today my dada gave me a pair of fingerless gloves and im putting spikes on the knuckles! Should be sweet.
Pat Sowers (author)  zombiehunter966 years ago
hahahah nice!
Pat Sowers (author)  Camisado7 years ago
my parents trust me sooo much with that kinda stuff. they even pay me to upkeep all the knives in t he house. and i forge swords and knives almost daily
I also forge them daily. When do you start collecting weapons?
Camisado6 years ago
lil jon1686 years ago
looks like a shank
Pat Sowers (author)  truckersson96 years ago
whata you need help with?
Well i dont understand how to get the rivets out and what is the blade? reply
Pat Sowers (author)  truckersson96 years ago
the blade is the strip of metal that the rivets are in. to get the rivets out get two pairs of pliers. take the one and hold the blade as close to the rivets as posible. then take the other and hold the rivet pushing and wiggling it till it comes loose (this takes a lot of force) once its loose you should be able to take it out.
i need help badly, could you post a instructable about how to get rid of the rivets?
Thank you very much.I get it now . Have A Nice Day!
Pat Sowers (author)  truckersson96 years ago
no problem. and you too!
sdfive6 years ago
I think ill smith a bunch of these together and make a sword. I'll tell you how it goes this will be my first smithing attempt.
jake walker6 years ago
i took apart the binder but have no way to sharpen and i can't invest in a sharpening stone. any ideas?? thanks
what metal strips? are you using both strips for this project or only one? Please send me a pic.
Pat Sowers (author)  learntodostuff6 years ago
only uses the one. its the metal strip that the half rings are attatched to
you mean the metal strips that helps the rings open and close? if that's what you mean then why do my strips not look like yours, they look skinnier than yours?
cdizzle7 years ago
how did you get the rivets out
Pat Sowers (author)  cdizzle6 years ago
the way ive always done it was by taking two pairs of pliers. hold the blade as close to the half loop as posible and use the other the wigle it out.
pleeeeease answer cdizzle. i have the same problem
NCRatSniper6 years ago
Wow, this is so ghetto it's awesome. I remember making blowgun darts out of thin binders when I was a kid. didnt look very nice though. Good ol days of shootin starlings,sparrows, and rats.
Pat Sowers (author)  NCRatSniper6 years ago
hahaah nice dude
z-man62336 years ago
lol i was board so i took apart another binder and made a folding and throwing knife
flamerz147 years ago
COOL. now i finally got something to do with all those binders at home...
It is so hard to get the 2 metal striips out. I almost cut off my finger. The thing binder edge was sort of rusty, so do you think I am going to get tetanus or something?'
thoraxe minfu26 years ago
i heard its false that rust will give you tetanus. It just so happens tetanus like to live in dirty places, and things that are rusty are usually dirty
Pat Sowers (author)  minfu27 years ago
did you lose blood? and how rusty was it? and when was the last time you got a shot?
i'm not dead or rabid yet so i'm probably fine.
zany minfu27 years ago
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