Introduction: Binder Tool Nº 1

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This tool is very useful for sewing by hand a book. With little time and some raw materials you can make this must if you like book binding.

Step 1: The Materials

Scrap wood of several dimensions, I took mine from wood pallets used in construction.
Wood file
Sand paper, several grain size
Nuts and bolts
Drill and the proper wood bit
White spirit

Step 2: A Rough Draft

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This are the dimensions I used depending on the materials you have and what are you planing to sew you will have to change them. Notice that the frame (the line in brown) is perpendicular and at the same distance than the slot in the woob base. So when you sew the thread stand at 90º from the base.

Step 3: The Base

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Wood base.
Just some sanding , from big to small grain sand paper and in the same direction that the wood vein.
Since I do not hawood bit for the proper diameter I had to make my own. Easy, cut about 20 cm of a metal tube with a similar diameter and use a file to make the tooth. With a small angle modification you can increase or decrease the diameter cut. I highly recommend to use a vertical drill.

Step 4: The Frame

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The frame was cut from a long piece of wood. A pattern was drawn on it and with the help of the saw a first cut was done. The profile was done with the vise holding it and the wood file.

Step 5: Bolts

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I found these in a scrap yard. 1,5 cm diameter. After eliminating a bit of the rust I used petroleum jelly (vaseline) to protect the iron and improve the trun.

Step 6: Wood Foots

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Just that. Cut and ready to go.

Step 7: Varnish the Board

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I decide to use a mahogany-like varnish to give it a bette look despite my "talent" with the wood.


8bit (author)2009-02-17

Are you still working on this project?

XLY (author)8bit2009-02-18

Yes, I am still on it. But I have it hold on for a while since I am outside the country and I find hard to continue editing. I will be back in May and then I will restart. Thanks for asking.

frollard (author)2008-12-25

Neat gadget - a video of how its used to work on books would make it a million times easier to understand whats going on :D Good stuff!

XLY (author)frollard2008-12-28

thank you for your comment. I agree with you. I am planning to make a set of tools for a shop and use them for big tutorial on binding starting from zero.

mycroftxxx (author)XLY2009-01-01

That would be excellent. Start-from-scraps videos are wonderful to watch.

8bit (author)XLY2008-12-28

Wow. That will be really great! It is very exciting.

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