Introduction: Binder or Journal Title.

Picture of Binder or Journal Title.

These are the materials you need:

-1 little note pad paper like 12/2 cm and 8cm.
-Gluestick ( i do not prefer anything but a gluestick.)
-Scissors (You could use edgecraft if your creative)
-Highlighters (i prefer some colors like Yellow Green Blue and Orange.)

Step 1: Cutting.

Picture of Cutting.

Okay watch what it does in the picture.

I am cutting i put my ruler ontop and flip it down.
Im gonna mark it on the top of the ruler. the bigger part.
Now you cut.

Step 2: Marking.

Picture of Marking.

Take the top of your ruler and mark the sides.
Yay now you can take any color highlighter and color in the little spaces.
take your time and go onto the other step
you dont have to copy my design.

Step 3: Label It!

Picture of Label It!

Ok this is for your journal or your binder now take a black marker and mark like My Journal or My Binder. you could glue it on your binder or journal.


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