Picture of BinoMask : Be an invisible spy with your binocular
With your binocular, you would like to be able to watch all the unusual and suspicious activities happening just in front of your window ? But you're afraid to be seen ?

Haha !! Here is the solution !

Let me present you "The BinoMask" ! :-)

Step 1: What do you need ?

Picture of What do you need ?
All you need is :
- binocular
- some carton
- scissors
- a pen
- a compass
- a digital camera and a color printer (or some color pen or some paint)
thomasready3 years ago
Or better yet go talk to you Doctor please.
Gnutella3 years ago
Hey i have the same binoculars.check out my ible on a same binocular as this. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-your-Binocular-Lens-Less-Visible/
philslizzy5 years ago
_soapy_6 years ago
That's really a lot better than I expected from the tiny preview pictures. Photo-real camo is a big thing these days, and very effective. Used for a single place like this, it will be even more effective. Nice idea.
sniper77 years ago
boo that suked
ajs1313 sniper76 years ago
No Hate! be constructive....
be nice. i liked it.
ItsTheHobbs8 years ago
i dont have plants
Then make your mask clear like your window. Haha. I made a funny.
lol, that's exactly what I was thinking when I read the dune's comment.
Nice project. Well done
That made my day, it was so funny
keureban7 years ago
Now I want to run around in an alien costume from last Halloween and freak some people out.
Jawatech8 years ago
lol thats awesome
stevoIution8 years ago
Easy Button8 years ago
hehe i like it
Baron A8 years ago
thanks dude did u do all that just cuz of my forumn, cool :)