BinoMask : Be an invisible spy with your binocular

Picture of BinoMask : Be an invisible spy with your binocular
With your binocular, you would like to be able to watch all the unusual and suspicious activities happening just in front of your window ? But you're afraid to be seen ?

Haha !! Here is the solution !

Let me present you "The BinoMask" ! :-)
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Step 1: What do you need ?

Picture of What do you need ?
All you need is :
- binocular
- some carton
- scissors
- a pen
- a compass
- a digital camera and a color printer (or some color pen or some paint)

Step 2: Prepare the carton board ...

Picture of Prepare the carton board ...
Cut the box to get a beautifull carton board.

This board must be larger than your head.

Step 3: Make the two holes ...

Picture of Make the two holes ...
Fit your binocular to your face (distance between your eyes), and put it on your board where you're planing to make the two holes.

With a pen, you draw the circles.

Then, with your scissors, you make the two holes. Be carefull : they must not be too large, or the mask will not stay on your binocular !

Insert your binocular and try to watch yourself through a mirror (Stay at few meters away from the mirror. As the mirror will double the distance, you should be able to easily get a sharp image of yourself with the mask.)

Optionaly, make your mask rounder using your compass and your scissors ...

Step 4: Dress your BinoMask !

Picture of Dress your BinoMask !
So far, you'll be anonymous (as no one will recognize your face), but you're still visible !
And if one of your neighbours see you with your round and large skull, and your two large and black eyes, they may think your home got invaded by aliens, and may call MIB ...

That's why we're going to make your BinoMask almost "invisible".

To do so, with you digital camera, from the outside, take a picture of the window you're planing to look through.

With a picture editor of your choice (Gimp, Photoshop), resize the photo and print it.

Once done, you cut the two holes and glue it over your BinoMask, and voila ! Tada ! You are (almost) invisible !

Step 5: If you don't have a digital camcorder or a color printer ...

If you don't have a digital camcorder or a color printer, then, you'll have to use your talent for paint and drawing ...

You'll have to paint your BinoMask.

Step 6: WARNING, and variation on a theme ...

Picture of WARNING, and variation on a theme  ...
As spying neighbours with binocular might be dangerous and IS ILLEGAL, you could just make this BinoMask for fun :-)

You could make a lot of funny BinoMask and show them to us !
thomasready3 years ago
Or better yet go talk to you Doctor please.
Gnutella3 years ago
Hey i have the same binoculars.check out my ible on a same binocular as this. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-your-Binocular-Lens-Less-Visible/
philslizzy5 years ago
_soapy_6 years ago
That's really a lot better than I expected from the tiny preview pictures. Photo-real camo is a big thing these days, and very effective. Used for a single place like this, it will be even more effective. Nice idea.
sniper77 years ago
boo that suked
ajs1313 sniper76 years ago
No Hate! be constructive....
be nice. i liked it.
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
i dont have plants
Then make your mask clear like your window. Haha. I made a funny.
lol, that's exactly what I was thinking when I read the dune's comment.
Nice project. Well done
That made my day, it was so funny
keureban7 years ago
Now I want to run around in an alien costume from last Halloween and freak some people out.
Jawatech7 years ago
lol thats awesome
stevoIution7 years ago
Easy Button7 years ago
hehe i like it
Baron A7 years ago
thanks dude did u do all that just cuz of my forumn, cool :)