BIO GAS GENERATOR (SMALL) Natural gas producing device,that uses the process of Decaying matter to create flammable gases,Decaying Matter will be Animal Droppings To create Methane Gases.
(If anyone has seen the movie "Mad Max" beyond the thunderdome",will remember the whole of barter town was fuelled on and Powered By "Pig" Droppings/Guano Running Turbines with Methane gas)

This has long been a widely used and abundant source of free energy in gaseous flammable fuel form,and has many applications to power devices such as Rocket Stove Additives! ,Bunsen burner Fuel,Or the flammable gases could be used to collect energy with pelter cells,once a stove is ignited via the gas,electrical power can be converted from the fuel ! 

In the UK temperatures are not so stable or warm,as such accounting for the Cooler climate it may take any time from 3weeks to a month plus or even more for Non flammable Gases to dissipate,Bacteria needs warm and damp conditions to ferment and produce more gases so in warmer climates the reaction won't take as long 2 weeks maybe,before Flammable "Methane" Gases develop.

Step 1: Materials & Parts Needed.

1: 2 Litre Cola Bottle (Or more linked together in/on a line for more gas production)
2: 8ft of Plastic Tubing/Piping,Aquarium/Surgical/Garden whatever kind of tubing you can get hold of. 
4: Hydroponic Drip feed connectors & T section. If not available craft one from 2 pipe sections.
5: Plastic Tube Pieces (Not pictured in/on device) 
6: Animal Droppings/Guano/Dung (As much as needed leave room for gas build up)

7: Gluegun & glue for sealing pipe fittings to bottle cap.
8: Boxcutter or Exacto Blade,for cutting bottle cap and tubing.
9: Blue-tac/Stick plastic.for sealing ends of pipes will keeping unsealablity.

<p>Caustion Methane gas is very poisons gas , and has NO smell !!!!! My stepdad work for one of the major water treatment companies here in Texas ,as head of new pipe installion and went down in a manhole to inspect the tie in of new pipe into existing pipe and before he got wasit deep the gas raised up ,and he died so work in well ventalated area !!!!!</p>

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