This is my first instructable so I would appreciate any and all feedback.

If you frequent the green section on instructables you will likely find many biodegradable seed starter options. This is an adaptation of another similar seed starter idea www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-organic-planting-pots-using-old-newspa/ 

The main difference is that the ones I have created are much smaller and more convenient for small jobs (they also keep you from having to use very much soil to germinate the seeds).

Step 1: Materials

 For this project you will need:


Toilet Paper Roll (all used up - just the cardboard)

Potting Soil (seed starting soil works best)

made it this afternoon for my tomato plants
I am having problems with fuzzy mold growing on the outside of the pots. Is this ok? <br>
Why don't you try it without the container? Soil Blocks are easy and work really well: https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Super-Cheap-Seed-Starters/
Hi,<br><br>i think that this is really a great idea, but i am a bit worried that the newspaper will fall apart when you start to water the seedlings! Did you try that out ?
Thanks for your comment.<br><br>The newspaper will hold up better than you would think. The idea is that it will eventually deteriorate and decompose when placed in the ground; with that said, it will stay together more than long enough for your seeds to germinate and grow large enough to be transplanted.<br><br>Go try it and have fun with it.
Cool ! I will try it out and see what happens ;) - thank you !

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