With these easy to make biodegradable pots there's no need to go out and buy expensive peat pots. These are the perfect size for normal size seedlings. Big seeds like sunflower seeds are not suitable for a starter pot this size but that should be a given. This pot is perfect for starting seeds and can be planted directly into a bigger container or into ground soil. They cost almost nothing and are a great way to re-use something you would have thrown away anyway.

Step 1: Fold the Roll Into a Square.

Fold the roll in half one way. Then, fold it in half the other way, making sure the creases from the last fold line up and you have a square!

<p>Great idea! </p>
<p>Oh never mind. I found the little click numbers that gives the pics. Sorry.</p>
<p>Sorry, instructions are not clear. Folding it according to the instructions give me a folded up cardboard that does not look like a pot. Should show a picture of folding the second step. I would use it no doubt.</p>
<p>Very good use of to rolls---thank you---a money saver.</p>
<p>Cool!</p><p>They work great!</p><p>I made two of them, I planted beans.</p>
<p>yesssssss!!! I just finished a roll and wondered if there was another environmentally friendly use for these instead of recycling; and here I am on this amazing walk-through. Thank you for the article and easy to view pictures. Definitely my next project!</p>
<p>These work great. Thanks again for the nifty idea!</p>
Is that a little tomato seedling?
<p>Yes it is. I made 16 of the little pots and planted 4 each of 2 varieties of tomato, and 4 green pepper, and 4 okra. This little guy is the only one that germinated. :/ The seeds were from packages a few years old.</p>
<p>These make up really quickly and hold the vermiculite or other seed starting mixture very well.</p>
Awesome! They really are fast to make when you get the hang of it. They're even faster if they're left as circles like yours. :) P.S. cool username Kathy's a really funny comedian.
<p>I made four of these out of paper towel roll as opposed to toilet paper roll. Pictured are just the 2 better ones. I plan on making even more.</p>
That's great, I hope you found my instructable easy to follow because it's my first one.Thanks for taking the time to comment.
<p>Brilliant! I will be using this to start seedlings this spring. </p>
Cool! Thank you for commenting.
<p>Awesome idea. This deserves to be a featured article.</p>

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