Step 2: Part Dimensions

Here are all the components "exploded".
<p>If you use this press to make briquettes from dung, you will brick shits.</p>
<p>Excuse my ignorance, but where do the PVC stuff go? In the final step I can't see it anywhere. It's my first time with biomass and briquettes, so I don't really know how this stuff works.</p>
I have made a version of this and raised it up by making the legs longer, and by adding a slope and upstand to either side of the base plate I can get a bucket under the bottom base plate to collect the water squeezed out,as this contains components to help &quot;my&quot; mix of sawdust and woodshavings and very little paper, to bond together, this forms a nice briquette that burns well and is a very efficient heat source with little ash. It also allows operation from a chair or a standing position. <br>.
I should add that I extended the base plate to get an overhang for a bucket to go underneath!
Awesome idea! I'll definitely use this to make briquets for my <a href="http://www.marshallsinc.com/signature-service/products/heating-and-cooling/" rel="nofollow">pellet stoves in eugene oregon</a>. Thanks!
Very nice photos and explanation. Three things I need to know though:<br>1. Are you drilling holes into the PVC pipes yourself and if so how?<br>2. Where can I get plastic or metal spacers of that diameter?<br>3. What kind of biomass are you using to make the briquettes? Have you found a good ratio in which to mix them?<br><br>Thanks
I did mine with a drill press. it's very hard if not impossible to do with a hand drill the bit wanders all over the place. if you must use a hand drill, clamp the PVC to a solid surface on it's side and come straight in from top dead center. <br>You can also melt the holes with a hot nail, but that takes forever. You'd also need to sand the inside pretty smooth afterward or the biocrud will stick and cause problems.
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Very good instructable
Thanks, it's not really finished yet though. Been working steadily on another project. I just made sure there are enough pics and links to get the job done.

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