Introduction: Biometrics Controlled LED Desk Lamp

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This project is another application of making fingerprint sensor to act as a toggle switch. This time I am controlling my desk lamp. sorry no other people can use my desk lamp anymore. I thought of this to avoid unauthorized user to just grab my things in the house without asking me.

Step 1: Materials Needed

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Desk Lamp

I choose to use the LED Desk Lamp because it has power supply and works on low voltage DC which is very safe to work on.

Relay click

Relay click is relay module from mikroelectronica which was previously in my SMS home alarm system

Arduino Uno

The main brain of the project

Fingerprint sensor

Captures user finger and search match in the database. I match is found, desk lamp will turn on. No match found, turn off the desk lamp.

Step 2: Enroll Users Finger

Picture of Enroll Users Finger

Download and load the blank program to your Arduino.

Connect the fingerprint sensor as shown in the photo.

Make sure to solder header pins to each end of the wires.

Refer to my other instructables for detailed procedure of finger enrollment

Step 3: The Main Circuit and Program

Picture of The Main Circuit and Program

Download the program and load it to your Arduino.

Connect the components as shown in the photo.

You're ready to go.

Step 4: Testing...


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