Bionicle Darth Vader




Introduction: Bionicle Darth Vader

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Hi this is my bionicle Darth Vader. It uses a new arm design thats completely differant from all other bionicles that I know of. It uses Vezon, Lord Vladek, Reidahk, Onua and some random pieces.

Step 1: Getting the Pieces

In this step you will get all the peices from the bionicles.

Step 2: Building Vader

Follow the image notes.



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    you could just buy one of these.

    ya know its better to post these on MOC pages rather than here, this is more like DIY website, for things like crafts and stuff. and to tell u the truth, i've seen better.

    It's pretty good, but it really need to be much more custom. I don't really know if your trying to make simple combiners or an MOC, so please state so. I would make him with bulkier legs and not as long shoulders/arms. Keep up the good work.

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    I don't want to mod anything. That would destroy the bionicle. But thanks anyway. Maybe I can make a better version later.