Bionicle Iron Man





Introduction: Bionicle Iron Man

Here, is a Bionicle Iron Man I made from Jaller and Hewkii. I think you could use Ignika instead of Hewkii.

Step 1: Pieces

The pieces you will need are in the pictures. The names of the pieces are in the image notes.

Step 2: Asembly

Wow, that was fast. Follow the image notes.



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Wow this is really cool I wish I had the pecies to build it

Your iron man is awesome I think just add an arc reactor

It's ok, but there's no arc reactor. :l

Cool! I loved the Toa Inika sets.

Why dont you change the Leg Plates into Orange...?

And place round(big) Lego Piece in the Chest...

Why you always say thinks like that? he take his time on it. is cool. if you dont like it, only said "i dont like it".¡¡

Edwin Lee is right... but it dosten sucks, is just a bionicle... not iron man!!

not bad. i have a collection of bonicles. i think i have 16 and a castle thing. i never made my own though this is cool!

Cool. I think I have 8 and a Lego Knights Kingdom Vladak.