Bionicle Rifle





Introduction: Bionicle Rifle

I made this gun without instructions. It is called Bionicle rifle.

Step 1: Pieces

Here are the pieces you need for the gun.

Step 2: Building

Here are the instructions for building it.



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    Hey, good job on your Bionicle Gun! Like other people said, don't be too woried about your "reputation" on here. I've been making Bionicle guns since I was 8, and I'm 13 now. Recently I've made steampunk sniper rifles, and I'm thinking of posting some of them soon, since they're pretty complex. Keep up the good work!

    you, know, if you have a really small and easy/unuseful creation, you shouldn't put it on instructables. it only decreases your 'knex reputation'. unless you made a bet with someone...of course...

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    duh k,nex are you ****** blind it clearly say BIONICLE wich last time i checked was lego

     That's besides the point. My point was: "posting small instructables like this one will make it more unlikely that people watch your upcoming instructables".

    Who's blind now?

    its not k nex its bionicle -:

    i'm sorry, i found this 'ible when i was searching for knex 'ibles, my mistake.

    I'm only 8. I'm not worried about my reputation. I'm proud of my rifle.

    haha! that's nice... i kind of admire if that you dare to post this... you're right. don't worry too much about reputation. i made a lot of (other) bionicle guns in my spare time. if you want, i can post them. now, i think i forgot to rate last 5 enough?

    wow. you made that without instructions. that's impressive.

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    Thanks! Me and my mom used to build stuff all the time. But I built this one all on my own. I'm glad you like it. :)