Bionicle Storm Trooper





Introduction: Bionicle Storm Trooper

About: I have not been doing Instructables lately. I just cannot come up with any good ideas, like many of the recent 'ables I've seen lately. I'll definately work at that, though, and when I get something I'll pos...

Yep, another bionicle! It's my sixth instructable, and the seventh bionicle on the site! It uses Vezon, Inika Jaller, Mahrii Mataro and either one of the older Kopakas.

Step 1: Getting the Pieces

Here you will get the pieces.

Step 2: Building the Trooper

Just follow the image notes.

Step 3: Making the Gun

Here you will use the optional pieces to make a shotgun like weapon.



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    Great Job...

    you created it using only those pieces because, thats what you only have....

    If only I can add my Parts to your Storm Trooper, it would look Greater....

    I'll Place Chest Plates on it and change the Color of your Shoulder Plate into Orange....

    roflamao if he was green and you painted part of the facail plat orange itd be master cheif

    my only suggestion if you're going to do more instructables like these is to, make it stable, sucha as posing the storm trooper on the edge of a table and putting the camera on a tripod, that may help for future instructables too


    I was really into bionicle at one point, there starting to look cool now :D

    1 reply

    Carlin05 was into bionicle too.

    um... guys haven't you got veicle like the skopio xv-1 or barnes v9???

    You spelled 'necessary' wrong.