Step 8: The drill

Simply tie the large screw to the hand with the thin rope.
If it doesn't fit steady you can glue it with epoxy glue, and then tie it.
Aging the baseballs really makes the dolls :) grab some sand paper and go to town, couple of gouges either by bashing on a sharp rock or carving it with a Stanly knife and plain tea works to soak, if not brown leather shoe polish diluted and soaked in :D <br> <br>Awesome design :D
keen to try to make a big sister like the daddies &gt;:3
here it is
Did some looking around i think 1 is a plastic film canister or something similar looking like the basket on their backs and 2 looks to be some random wire either around the face like a mask or something around the neck like ribbon (the little sisters would adorn the big daddies with ribbons/streamers and crayon drawings seen in the game and on the wiki :D). Making a couple of these myself :)
hey could i make it look like this
this looks cool but i think i will make a bouncer ,<br>and i played both games i recomend them
As a soft-doll, that's got a good look to it - artistic license well used. Any thoughts on Little Sister to go with it?<br /> <br /> L<br />
For the sister to be the correct scale as this Big Daddy,it would have to be tiny. If you do try it,remember the big red needle that they carry.
tiny things can be made...<br> <br> L<br>
Nothing is imposible.
Mmmm... It's a good idea :)<br />
I made one.I used a clock 4 the head.A sprinkler 4 the tank andpure awesomeness.
just a note, might have been good to post a ref. picture for people unfamiliar with the doll somewhere towards the beginning so they know what they're looking at :p<br />
I thought that too, but I was afraid of breaking some copyrights by using an original image...<br /> If someone wants, there you can see one --&gt;http://www.thatvideogameblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/big_daddy_doll.jpg<br />

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