Hey fellas,
I am a cosplayer and my upcoming cosplay plans are including the incredible,fun and mind-blowing game Bioshock Infinite!
This time,I will be teaming up with my beloved boyfriend to accomplish this cosplay dream - him as Booker DeWitt and myself as Elizabeth.
Because he is not able to sew or do any cosplay realted stuff so far, I will be the one working on this and I would like to share this WIP with you!
I will document every new step being made in this progress and present it to you in a more tutorial-ish way!
You can find more stuff at my page Kion Cosplay
And now let’s start!
Let’s go Bioshock Infinite!

Step 1: References and Details

First things first, right?
So I collected a few (!) reference pictures of Booker DeWitt. This way I can make sure to hit it right, see all the details in the character concept and imagine how to do it in real life.

Facts about the vest:
- time set is around 1912
- mans vest..of course; style fitting the early 1920s
- dark grey front, grey-greenish lining and back, black collar with decor stitching, 2 fake pockets
- 8 metal buttons

What you need:
- 1m-1.5m of fabric and lining
- scissors
- needles
- sewing machine
- dark grey to black and white threat
- maybe the Bioshock Infinite OST? ;) and don't let the circle be unbroken
<p>Your work is amazing! Make sure you enter everything in the Halloween contests!</p>
<p>thx a lot. I will sure do^^</p>
<p>really nice one. shotgun please. ?</p>
<p>thx a lot!<br>yeah..I was hoping to buy the skyhook somewhere online ;_;<br>but I guess I have to change an old shotgun prop into somemore Bioshock like..to have some prop at least..</p>
pretty cool keep up the good work
Nice job!
I'll try my best^^ stay tuned
I'd love to see instructables on the rest of the costume and the shotgun!

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